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  Turnkey Solutions  
  Domestic Metering  
  (SITC of Class B Meters)  

At Chetas, we help municipal bodies turn their water distribution network into a viable commercial model. While the municipal establishment benefits from improved and consistent revenues, consumers get to experience better quality service.




Our integrated offering covers the Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning (SITC) of ClassB EEC approved water meters, including house-to-house installation. Further, our work also includes Monthly Maintenance, Meter Reading and Billing activities.


We say, with a touch of pride that we are the only company in India to have successfully completed the first ever Privatization Project of water metering in the Kalyan-Dombivali Municipal Corporation, Which includes Supply, Installation, Six years monthly maintenance and Six year monthly reading and billing of 22,000 consumers.

  Industrial Services  
  Extending the concept, we also take up the SITC of EEC approved Bulk meters for industrial clients.  
  Ultrasonic Metering  
  (SITC of Ultrasonic Flowmeters)  

Chetas commands unchallenged leadership in the area of Ultrasonic Flowmetering Technology in India. We leverage this market position to turn the concept of foolproof water management into a reality. We wholeheartedly believe that this is possible only when there is absolute transparency and accountability in the entire water distribution system.



Towards this end, we take up the SITC of Ultrasonic Flowmeters. We have a hand-on approach to our clients' needs and concerns.

Our comprehensive support structure includes -

     In-depth Requirement Analysis
  Designing and configuring a system/ solution tuned to customers' needs
  Installation, commissioning & training
  Application support
  Software support
  Maintenance support
  How our customers benefit?  
  General Advantages  

The hot tap technology eliminates the need for shutdown, hence nil water wastage and uninterrupted flow


GPRS/GSM connectivity and SCADA offers more flexibility and enables remote monitoring


Implementation of E-Metering i.e. web-based monitoring of flowmeters


  How Municipal Establishments/ Water Supply Boards benefit?  
     Efficient water management
  Equitable distribution of water to each & every consumer
  Virtually nil water wastage
  24x7 water supply can be a reality
  Enhanced revenue model through improved bottomline performance
  How State Irrigation Departments benefit?  
     Better accountability in water consumption leads to correct irrigation royalty payments

Study & implementation of un-interrupted 24 x 7 water supply system at desired pressure with improvement in the level of services to the water consumers in the city.


Study & implementation water metering, leak detection & water audit for distribution network upto connections for reduction of unaccounted for water (UFW) and Non revenue of water (NRW)


Study of exiting functioning of distribution network and implementation of the modern engineering practice to upgrade the existing network which may include

Replacement of world class meters, service connections, operating valves & pipe lines etc.
Implementation of rehabilitation plan
Take over of operation & maintenance of pumping status with complete water management
Take over of customer service management
Operation & maintenance for longer span.